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Janitorial Services

Professional, process-oriented, focused on sustainable practices

Experience Structure and Transparency

To tie in our processes and service delivery, we utilize internet work order and reporting procedures. This reinforces process and structure while maintaining transparency for our clients, as they have the option to access this information whenever they desire.

Signature’s Management team supports their janitorial staff through ongoing safety and procedural training to follow processes dictated by OSHA and the USGBC. We strive to provide our staff with the support and resources necessary to foster success.


Furthermore, advancement opportunities are available to janitorial staff who may wish to explore career paths within our organization under our Facilities and/or Construction Service divisions.


  • LEED Certification

  • Sustainable Processes

  • On-call Support

  • Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Internet Based Reports

“The focus on continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency creates true partnerships. When we came under economic pressure, they worked with us to revise custodial services to meet our specific needs and budget.”

Customer, Houston, Texas
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