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Facilities Disinfection Services

Facility Disinfection For Urgent Requirements

cleaning protocols helps slow the spread of COVID-19

Facilities disinfection for a broad range of virus’ including COVID-19 has become the critical focus of Facility Managers who are uniquely prepared to keep employees safe and healthy, due to their extensive all-hazards planning. Whether they are working for currently operating essential businesses, or are helping decommission and recommission buildings, facility managers across the country are taking their responsibility to keep employees, on-site contractors, and visitors safe and healthy very seriously.

In an effort to support them in this role, we have partnered with Advanced Restoration, who are certified in the Containment and Decontamination procedures that are called for in Direct Contact Sanitization situations. Through this partnership we can respond rapidly to urgent situations. We have also developed  the following cleaning and disinfecting protocols that follow current CDC guidelines at the time of this publication. **

As always, we have staff and materials available to assist your facility management teams in meeting the recommended protocols outlined below. Our focus is on keeping your facility safe for your employees and your business on track. We are prepared to move quickly to address any new threats that may arise.

** Please note that we are consistently monitoring the CDC’s recommendations and modifying our protocols accordingly.


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