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Janitorial Solutions For COVID-19

How Your Janitorial Service Can Help You Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus. Keep your facility clean to protect agains COVID-19

At Signature Facilities, we know that you’re concerned about janitorial practices and COVID-19. You want to make sure your service provider is prepared to meet today’s high standards of sanitation. The health, safety and well-being of you, your staff, their families and the community are a top priority for us. While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the Bay Area, our team is even more dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service. The current emergency situation has required us to step up our game, and we’ve risen to the occasion.

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning for COVID-19 Prevention

Here’s what we’re doing for, and recommending to our clients:

Doing Our Homework

We regularly monitor the latest updates from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), The World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local health authorities. We want to ensure that  we’re in compliance with all recommended public health safety procedures related to janitorial services and COVID-19. In doing so, we can proactively assist our customers with doing the same.

Building Maintenance and Modifications

  1. Install high-efficiency air filters

  2. Increase ventilation rates

  3. Install physical barriers such as clear plastic sneeze guards

Increased Housekeeping is Key to Curbing the Spread of COVID-19

As part of our normal cleaning procedure we have increased the frequency of which we disinfect touch points such as:

  1. Door handles

  2. Backs and arms of chairs

  3. Rest room fixtures and dispensers

  4. Horizontal surfaces

  5. Equipment

  6. Other elements of the work environment

Just as you wash your hands frequently to protect yourself, frequent cleaning of surfaces with hospital grade disinfectants will help to decrease the likelihood of spreading disease. A good janitorial program must include cleaning with the coronavirus in mind. The bonus is you have an even fresher and more pleasant work environment which is so important to the morale of your workers.

Hard to Find Health & Safety Supplies

While many paper and cleaning products are currently in short supply, we continue to stock the following, based on availability:

  1. Hand sanitizers

  2. Tissues

  3. Toilet Paper

  4. Face masks

  5. Hand Lotion

Establish Flexible/Remote Worksites

Cleaning and sanitation are not the only preventative measures you can take to help fight agains spread of disease. Rearrange infrastructure, such as furniture, cubicles and work surfaces, to increase distance between the employees who are required to be on-site. Install technology to support remote work. We have qualified personnel available to assist with workplace reconfigurations and technology infrastructure upgrades.

Talk To Us About Your COVID-19 Cleaning Requirements

We want you to feel confident that if you should have any facilities management or janitorial needs, or you want more information on how we are dealing with janitorial needs in the era of COVID-19. We look forward to assisting you.

Patrick Murphy, Founder Signature Facilities Services

We’d like to pass along some helpful resources that are continuously updated with the latest announcements:

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